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Aspex Gallery of Portsmouth

Posted by Densetsu1000 - November 27th, 2019

iu_72658_4672646.jpgBeing a small area, within the middle of the Gunwharf Quays of Portsmouth, between the harbour and university district,it can be quite easy to accidentally miss or pass by the Aspex Gallery.

Okay, so I admittedly got lost on the way there and walked past it twice by accident on a university trip, but I still blame the dark sunglasses I was wearing on that day.

To miss the gallery however would be a large loss on those who may do so however, as despite its fairly small structure and scale next to the seaside, it does have a great degree of substance though the variety of art styles presented in many of the shops that me and my classmates went to.

One shop we saw had an elderly couple who had retired to their passions, following a life of raising their children in the past, an admirable goal displaying the refusal to give up on hopes and dreams after passing a certain age. 

Their first few paintings were simplistic, using shapes and bright colours to depict bearmy landscapes like boats on the seaside. Nice to look at.

But then above those, there were far more detailed, photo-realistic paintings of scenes and celebrities that almost resembles something out of the National Portrait Gallery of London also.

This essentially summarised the fact that despite the initial impression you may get from seeing the outside of the Apex Gallery, there was far more to be encountered once I started venturing further.



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